Bachelor thesis

Submitted by vojta on Wed, 05/30/2007 - 18:42

In my bachelor thesis I present temporal pieces of knowledge on phytogeography, and especially molecular phylogeography of water clonal plants and possibilities of their dispersion. Plenty of questions about history, dispersal, relationship and population structure we can not answer without molecular technologies at all. Another very important components influencing dispersal of plants and animals are their ecology and physiology. Water plants are relatively neglected group in biogeography. Very often they have large areals. Water plants are, from evolutionary point of view, basal lines of vascular plants. There are, in plenty of taxa from various lineages, strong tendences for clonal reproduction. Probably as a result of pressure of their environment. Because of their water environment there are some technical problems with their study. My bachelor thesis consists of three main parts. Literature search mostly about phylogeography of water clonal vascular plants, results of my field studies about clonal structure of populations of yellow waterlilly (Nuphar lutea (L.) Sm.) and subject matter of my master degree thesis which will concur fluently to my current work. Understanding of mechanism and logic of plant disperse in landscape is very important for society development. From understanding general patterns of disperse of water plants (then we will know where our intervention into environment will point to) through protection of endangered species to extinguishment of invasion ones.