PF 2021

Pour féliciter 2021!

PF 2021

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PF 2020

Pour féliciter 2020!

PF 2020

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PF 2019

Pour féliciter 2019!

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Crisis 1938

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This year we can remind plenty of "eighth" anniversaries, including year 1938. Czechoslovakia was target of operation we use to call a hybrid war nowadays. Aggressor was not Putin's Russia, which is nowadays more (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, ...) or less (EU, North America) systematically destabilizing states, where it has power ambitions. That time aggressor was Hitler's Germany, which (similarly to contemporary Russia) misused its minorities in countries of central and eastern Europe to their destabilization and conquest.

PF 2018

Pour féliciter 2018!

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PF 2016

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Pour féliciter 2016!

Pohodový výhled ať už jste kdekoliv...

Nice view whenever You are...

Belle vue n'importe où vous êtes...

Pour féliciter 2016 ~ La Grace

La Grace.

PF 2015

Pour féliciter 2015!

Vždy hledejte tu správnou cestu!

Every time look for the good way!

Toujours cherchez un bon voyage!

Siempre buscan un buen viaje!

Pour féliciter 2015 ~ Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia

Volcano Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia.

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PF 2014

Pour féliciter 2014! Hlavně se na svých cestách neztraťte! Don't get lost on Your journeys!


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PF 2013

Hodně štěstí na Vašich cestách! Have a pleasant & safe journeys! Bon voyages! Feliz viajes!

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