Course of work with molecular data in R 2021

Submitted by vojta on Tue, 10/06/2020 - 17:08

R is nowadays probably the most powerful tool for calculations of all kinds. There are plenty of modules available for work with molecular data. Those will be introduced during the course.

The course contains theory of used methods, tutorials with test data, tasks for individual work of participants, and more.

Previous knowledge of R is useful, but not necessary. At least basic knowledge of molecular biology is required, previous knowledge about any methods how to analyse DNA data is recommended.

The course will be taught 5 days, while 4 days are for teaching and last day is for exams and individual consultations. Course participants can stay this last day (which is recommended), but it is not conditional.

If there is at least one participant not speaking Czech, the course will be in English.

The course is prolonged this year, with little different structure and more exercises.

Information are continuously updated in SIS. Schedules in SIS. The course will be taught in lecture hall OŽP B12 (1st mezzanine, Benátská 2, Prague 2) February 8 to 12 2021, from 9:00 AM to 4-5:00 PM (with enough breaks). I'd be glad if participants could fill a short questioner which will help me with preparation of the course and communication with participants.

Regarding actual situation, the course will be likely taught in hybrid form, i.e. within actual limits students could be present in the lecture room, and the course will be also broadcasted using MS Teams. The course will be combination of shorter talks followed by independent work of students, and room for questions and consultations, etc. Details will be updated according to the situation prior the course.

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